Botts Innovative Research, Inc (Botts-Inc) specializes in the design and application of open standards for sensor systems within the intelligence, defense, and scientific communities.




Botts Innovative Research, Inc. provides a range of services and products. This includes Subject Matter Expertise in designing and applying Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA) to achieve interoperability of disparate sensors and actuators, and in particular, expertise in the OGC Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) suite of standards. The Botts-Inc team has extensive experience in ingesting, processing, and geolocating a wide range of sensor data from remotely-sensed observations from space, airborne, and ground-based platforms, as well as unattended ground sensors. Botts-Inc has been active in providing support for contracts within the intelligence, defense, and scientific communities.

The Botts-Inc team is also heavily engaged in the development of open-source software in support of sensor web services, clients, and middle ware. These include the 3D interactive Space Time Toolkit, libraries and tools for editing and executing SensorML processes and implementing SWE services, and apps for Android-based cell phones.

Finally, Botts-Inc is in the process of developing SWE capabilities that will be released in both as open-source and commercial products.